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The Savage Nomad

Fly Your Passion

Any airplane can fly from point A to point B, but the Savage Nomad lets you explore points C, D, E…Z and beyond!

Rediscover the freedom of flight. Add bush gear, floats, skis and advanced avionics, and the Nomad will take you to the limits of your imagination.

Runway Optional

Equip the Nomad with 6” extended landing gear, 1.25” axles, 26” bush wheels (larger sizes available), safety cables and oversized tailwheel, and shake off the bonds of the civilized world.

This is one tough aircraft, designed for beach, gravel bar, mountain and backcountry discovery. That inaccessible fishing hole, hunting spot or camping destination might as well be right outside your door.

Fly, Navigate, Communicate

You can fly with classic instrumentation, or fill the panel with your choice of navigation and communication gear. Options include GPS moving maps (iFly 720 shown), weather display, flight planning, nav-com radio, transponder, TIS, ADS-B, iPad with appropriate apps and more. Call to discuss custom options.

Nimble • Tough • Economical

The Rotax-powered Nomad delivers 515 lbs of useful load along with short take-offs and landings in an economical light sport aircraft. Explore the fields, waters and mountains in your environs and burn less than 5 gallons per hour while doing it!

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Features of the Savage Nomad

Fuselage & Wing
Super Cub style fuselage design
Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage
Torsion resistant cabin top X-brace
Tail X-brace for rough fields
Reinforced landing gear attachments
Rugged landing gear design
Triple leaf tailwheel spring
Off -runway suspension
Reinforced battery box attachment
Battery inspection door panel
Super Cub style vertical tail & fin design
Panoramic door & window design
Full overhead skylight
Generous baggage area
Aluminum cowling, dual access doors
Prop spinner for effective air flow
Stainless steel firewall
Aluminum flaps
Aluminum ailerons
Super Cub style wingtip design
Vortex generators
18 gal. Fuel tankage (24 gal. optional)
No header tanks
Visual fuel gauges
Metal inboard fuel tank protection
80hp Rotax 912 UL with clutch & starter
Aux. Fuel Pump (electric)
Fuel drain system
Fuel system filter
Oil inspection door
2-blade GT propeller
Instrument Panel
Airspeed indicator
Pedestal mounted compass
Oil temp
Oil pressure
Hour meter
Ignition lock/starter
Low voltage warning light
PS Engineering PM1000II intercom
406 MHz ELT with remote activation& alert
Control sticks, pilot & co-pilot, with PTT
Rudder pedals & toe brakes, pilot & co-pilot
Throttle, pilot & co-pilot
Elevator trim, pilot
Flap lever mechanism (3 positions)
Tilting front & rear seats
Four point safety harnesses
Complete wooden floorboards
Baggage area w/cargo net
2-12V auxiliary outlet
Fresh air vents
Landing Gear
8.00×6 tires
Wide tailwheel
Bungee gear
Undercarriage Options
Extended landing gear
Bush wheels, all sizes
Off runway tail wheel w/reinforced tail spring
Safety cables
1.25” axles
Aerodynamic bungee covers
Floats, skis and more

Specifications of the Savage Nomad


Vne128 mph
Max speed (straight/level ight)115 mph
Cruising speed 75%98 mph
Climb rate884 fpm
Climb rate (climb prop)1,060 fpm
Stall speed, full flaps38 mph
Max ceiling14,400 ft
Range 65%434 miles
Required take-off distance280 ft
Required landing distance265 ft
Required landing distance
over 50’ obstacle
692 ft
Crosswind component (max.)18 mph


Wing Span30’ 9”
Length21’ 0”
Height (Bush Nomad)7’ 3”
Wing surface area152.9 sq.ft.
Wing chord61.4 in
Cabin width26.3 in
Undercarriage width (Ext. gear)6’ 7”
Max take-off weight1320 lbs
Basic empty weight745 lbs
Useful load575 lbs
Wing loading8.1 lbs
Load factor+4 -2 g


Savage aircraft are distributed in the USA by SportairUSA, LC. Located at KORK North Little Rock Municipal Airport, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


Savage aircraft are manufacured by Zlin Aviation, s.r.o. Located in Napajedla, Czech Republic.

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