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—Generously Equipped & Ready-To-Fly—

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The standard Norden is generously fitted out with equipment and features that are costly add-ons for other aircraft. See the list below.

Norden is a Light Sport Aircraft. Your choice of SLSA or ELSA airworthiness certificate. Purchase includes our customer safety package: 4 hours of ground school to know the systems plus 2 hours of in-flight checkout of your new aircraft.

Norden Standard Equipment


  • Norden graphics include white, blue, black or grey, with choice of trim lines
  • All steel 4130 fuselage tubing with internal corrosion protection
  • Life-time Dacron covering on fuselage
  • Fiberglass engine cowling
  • Dual adjustable cowl flaps
  • Oil and coolant cowling inspection door
  • Covered, extended, reinforced landing gear system
  • 25mm main gear axles
  • Dual axle bolts for brake/axle performance
  • 6” aluminum wheels with disk brakes & stainless braided hydraulic lines
  • 23” Aero Classic Bushtires
  • 5mm stainless-steel landing gear safety cables
  • Seaplane float brackets installed
  • Matco tail wheel system mounted on reinforced tail spring
  • Pilot & Copilot entry step
  • 141 horsepower Rotax 915iS engine, turbocharged & intercooled
  • E-Prop, carbon 4-blade, 88”, ground adjustable, propeller with spinner
  • Dynafocal engine mount for smooth operation
  • Gascolator fuel system with drain and filter
  • Large 58” cabin access door for both seats with single action latch
  • 75 mph slats / flaps / door / window opening speed
  • Keyed cabin door lock
  • Dual fuselage ground-maneuver handles
  • Aft baggage access hatch
  • All metal, 1800, aluminum wing with push rods and ball bearing controls
  • Fiberglass aerodynamic droop wing tips
  • 36 USG useable, aluminum, dual fuel tanks with gauges
  • Large, locking, stainless fuel caps


  • Full length, aluminum, electric-powered, leading edge wing slats
  • Aluminum, reinforced dual slotted fowler style flaps (+75% more than PA-18)

  • Aluminum, extended surface, Frize type ailerons (+40% more than PA-18)
  • Extended surface, aerodynamically balanced elevators
  • Gap seals installed between stabilizer and elevators
  • Improved Piper PA-18 style, electric jackscrew stabilizer trim system



  • Overhead skylight for entire cockpit;
  • 5-piece plywood floors
  • Resettable circuit breakers with ISO9000 wire harness
  • Left & right 18USG fuel indicators
  • Low point fuel drain with backup fuel filter
  • Fuel shut off
  • 2.25” Trig VHF radio with flip-flop, monitor and intercom
  • 2.25” Trig transponder with digital readout
  • Garmin GDL52 ADSB-IN and Sirius music option
  • Garmin 760 Aera GPS color touch screen for NAV, WX & Traffic 
  • Electronic airspeed, altimeter, and vertical speed
  • Color engine EMSIS system monitoring the 915iS with alerts: (RPM-MP-MT-OP-FP-OT-CT-EGT-FR-TH%-VT-HOBBs)
  • Neat Heater Package: Rotax engine coolant style with dual 300 CFM fans
  • Demountable copilot stick
  • 45-pound baggage area with plywood floor and zipper-velcro cover access
  • 406MH emergency locator transmitter with panel mounted remote control.


  • 4-position overhead flap lever
  • Electric slats switch
  • Electric trim switch
  • Cabin heat, free of carbon monoxide
  • Voice activated intercom
  • Dual adjustable, tilting seats
  • Dual control sticks
  • Dual throttles
  • Dual rudders
  • Dual differential hydraulic toe brakes
  • Dual 12V outlets
  • Dual headset jacks;
  • Dual 4-point safety harnesses
  • Dual adjustable air vents



—Expand Your Horizons—