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The Savage Norden

Refined STOL aircraft from Zlin Aviation


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Norden: The New North Country STOL From Zlin

  1. Standard ROTAX 915iS, turbocharged and intercooled, 141hp engine
  2. New wing design optimized for speed in cruise configuration
  3. Double slotted fowler flaps to 45 degrees
  4. Electric retractable leading edge slats add lift and balances the flaps for extreme low-speed control
  5. Flattened landing flare lets you see the landing site
  6. Metal wing w/advanced airfoil, load tested to over 4,000 lbs.
  7. Push rods and ball bearings for the frise ailerons mean light control pressures
  8. Basic empty weight less than 900 lbs
  9. Fuel tank designed for travel, 36 gallons useable
  10. Dual low fuel warning systems
  11. Large optional carbon fiber cargo area w/external aft access door
  12. Extended seating space & improved flight controls for comfort and command
  13. Forward-mounted heavy gear system for hard braking
  14. Float attachments included in the airframe
  15. Available Acme Shock PRO shock absorber systems
  16. Available dual caliper braking
  17. Available Bush T3 or Acme Stinger tailwheel



What Makes A Better Bush Plane?

The list is long, of course, and tailored for specific uses. But some things are fundamental.

  • Short takeoffs. There’s not much runway where we’re going.
  • Quick climbout. To clear surrounding terrain.
  • Short landings. The shorter the better.
  • Tame landings. Good control with minimal touchdown rebound.
  • Safe slow flight. Low stall speed, spin resistance.
  • Easy to fly. Responsive controls & ergonomic design.
  • Simple, strong construction, repairable in the field.

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A Brief Video Intro To The Savage Norden STOL

Leading the way in STOL Sport Aircraft

We’ve come a long way since our Classic Savage took to the air in the mid-1990s. Twenty years of design and production, always listening to feedback from experienced bush pilots, have led to the development of the new Savage Norden.

In the languages of the north countries, Norden simply means North, the cardinal point on the compass, and the lands where bush flying has been perfected.

The Savage Norden embodies the sum of its designer’s vision, expectations, pilot feedback and trends in the STOL market. The elegant design incorporates innovations in safety, aerodynamics and performance, ergonomics, light weight and load capacity, reliability, strengh and functionality.

Flight testing is currently underway and we will publish more details on this site as they become available. Later this year we will introduce the Norden to the USA in the S-LSA category, a light sport aircraft for unlimited adventure.

Featured photo for article: Jack Tests the New Savage Norden. Photo credit Jack's Airplanes (www.jacksairplanes.net)

Jack Tests the New Savage Norden

Former fighter pilot ‘Jack’ Iannelli is an Italian Development Test Pilot for one of Europe’s major aerospace firms.

After a hard day flying for a living he heads back to the flight line and test-flies recreational aircraft for fun!

Jack’s professional write-ups are thorough and fascinating. Check out the links below for his review of the new Savage Norden.

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Savage aircraft are distributed in the USA by SportairUSA, LC, a pioneer in the light sport flying movement. We maintain an assembly and maintenance center at KORK North Litte Rock Municipal Airport in Central Arkansas, where we’ve been located for more than 20 years.


Savage aircraft are manufactured by Zlin Aviation, s.r.o. Located in Napajedla, Czech Republic.

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